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Welcome to First Baptist!

We are so glad you dropped by our website today.

We also hope you will be able to drop by our church soon.

Our vision as a church is found in the statement Abiding in Christ, Advancing the Gospel. When you visit with us you will find a church that is excited about Jesus and His mission.

We believe that Jesus is the answer and we desire

to make much of Him!

What time are your services?

On Sundays we meet at 9am for Sunday school and 10:30am for worship in the Sanctuary. Children meet in their own space for "First Kids" worship during the service. Choir Practice is in the Sanctuary at 4 PM.  We have First Essentials for Children's Choir and Adult Bible Study at 5 PM.  We also have numerous D-groups throughout the week you could look into joining.  


Where do I park?

There is plenty of parking on the north, west, and east sides of the building. There are also spaces available for first time guests, handicap, and seniors. On the east side of the children's building, you will find spaces available for families with small children.

What should I wear?

Folks wear everything from suit and jackets to T-shirt and jeans. Come as you feel comfortable, come as you are. 

Will my children be safe?


Absolutely! There are always uniformed officers on campus during services and events. Much planning and effort has gone in to keeping you and your family safe while on campus. For questions and concerns regarding the safety of your child:

How do I make an appointment to speak with a minister?

You should start by calling the church office and speaking to one of our secretaries who can get you in contact with the appropriate minister. Please also feel free to check out our staff page, and directly email the minister or staff person you are looking for. 

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